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Driver ID System

Our Driver ID System offers the ability to isolate a driver’s behaviour and create reports based on individuals, rather than just the tracking of vehicles.

Each driver in the company is issued with an electronic touch key which can be used on any vehicle in the fleet. With your vehicle tracker Driver ID you can now create person specific time-sheets, regardless of the number of vehicles that an individual has driven.

A standard installation also incorporates starter immobilisation so that your vehicle cannot be started without a driver ID key

This feature can be overridden by you from the software if the driver loses his key or the vehicle is going for a service.

Driver IDs ensure that the driving activities and behaviours of individual drivers can be monitored and reported. Visits, acceleration, de-acceleration, going off route, idling too long, etc can all be tracked, logged and stored by our vehicle tracking software. With a vehicle tracking Driver ID you are able to identify and reward efficient and safe drivers as well as addressing those drivers who could potentially be wasting company time or money

Business / Private Mileage Logging

Business and private mileage tracking can also be differentiated through the use of 2 separate business and private driver ID keys.

Using a private usage key ensures no vehicle tracking data is recorded about the driver’s journey.

This should help overcome any objections from employees on being tracked outside of working hours, as well as aiding compliance with Data Protection legislation on vehicle tracking and personal tracking.

The most common application for this is company car users that may be paying company car tax for their own personal vehicle usage.  You can ensure their privacy in such situations whilst also keeping a record of their business mileage and appointments.

The driver ID system is an additional £100+vat when installed with any of our tracker packages.  Each driver ID kit comes with 1 driver key.  Additional driver keys are available at £10+vat each.