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Web Based Tracking

For a quick snapshot of where your vehicles are right now its easy to log into our web portal on any device with an internet browser such as a smartphone or iPad.  

Although web based tracking can be useful during the evening or when you’re out of the office, we have a much faster and more robust desktop application which has all the features you will ever need for tracking your fleet of HGV’s, vans and company cars.


Setting up the Spot-on system to deliver timesheets to any member of staff couldn’t be simpler.  You can have journey reports delivered to any email address in your company daily, weekly, monthly, or all three.  Sent in .xls (Microsoft Excel) or .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file format, or simply view and print from the application itself.  Our proactive system can be scheduled to deliver to you, rather than you having to request information from it.

Our Spot-On software is a powerful PC application which can be downloaded for free and installed on as many PC’s as you wish

With it you can have multiple users logged on and able to see as much (or as little) tracking data as you require.

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