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Initial Payment

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All Prices are Plus VAT

Payment Options

Whether you need a short term contract, a low monthly payment or no initial set up or installation fees* we have a price plan to suit you.

All prices include first installation and removal of the tracker unit at the end of your contract.

Installation Charges

Unit Removal / Service Call


Unit  Re-installation


Remove & Refit (same site same visit)


All Prices are Plus VAT

And that’s it........ in black and white

You can add extra trackers to your plan with 1 free phone call and one signature on installation.

At the end of your contract either do nothing to continue your service or give us 30 days notice and access to your vehicle for 30 minutes to remove the tracker.

*Subject to credit check acceptance

** You may incur extra roaming charges if you wish to track your vehicle outside the UK

In business you regularly need to replace vehicles in the fleet

If the vehicle has a tracker fitted then that can be a headache

Not with FleetVision

Just give us 48 hours notice and we can arrange the removal and installation of your  tracker unit anywhere in the UK