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Vehicle Fleet Tracking Device

The FleetVision tracking unit is designed and manufactured in the UK using the very latest GPS and GPRS technology.

Measuring just 135 x 70 x 21.5mm it is one of the smallest tracking devices currently available and with an integral GSM/GPS antenna it can be installed covertly reducing the risk of detection and tampering.

It is exceptionally fast in obtaining initial satellite lock and because of its low profile it is able to be installed and operate in many areas and enclosed spaces other trackers fail to work.

The unit also features gyroscopic sensors which enable it to report on incidences of harsh acceleration and sharp braking as well as speeding.  

This information is available on even our basic tracking package, so you will be able to see not only where your vehicles have been and how they got there, but whether they have been driven safely.  

Our customers have reported not only savings in fuel from this feature, but also lower costs for replacing tyres and brakes as well as longer service intervals and fewer accidents.

Covert Installation

We can install the tracking unit in your vehicle in less than 1 hour.  Once installed the unit is undetectable and unobtainable without major vehicle disassembly.  If power is disconnected from either the unit or the vehicle it has an integrated back-up battery which enables it to operate for several days.  In the unlikely event of the tracking unit being tampered with, you will be notified immediately back at the office with a software alert.  

Additional Features

In addition to our basic tracking package we are also able to offer these additional features (Click For More Info).

Remote Immobilisation Remote Immobilisation. Driver ID System. Driver ID Business / Private Mileage Recording. #business_private